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2 bracelets

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I come close. Whisper softly in your ear.


Artisan of elusive desires.

May I sit with you awhile?

Quietly watch you work magic,

Your raw materials transform to things precious.

And, transfixed by all your processes,






The exhibition is steeped in atmosphere. The darkened room where the works are dimly lit promotes the feeling of viewing sacred artifacts unearthed from an archaeological dig. It is a surprise when, as the eyes adjust, the forms gradually reveal themselves to be exquisite, modern bracelets, necklaces and rings made of coal. These celebrate the natural processes involved in the creation of the material, complete with the flora and fauna embedded within it, which took place over millions of years.

All photographs by Ju Underwood taken at Somerset House, London

All jewelry by Coal Store in association with Something & Son



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