Build An Empire For Yourself: Create Your Own World

The word Empire sounds grand and monumental. When you think of it you tend to imagine things on a very large scale. For example, huge, conquering nations, or international corporations employing thousands of people. However, you must remember that scale is relative. Therefore, with just a small shift in your way of thinking, you can start to envisage how to build an empire for yourself, however tiny or massive that may be.

Create Your Own World - Through The Bamboo Screen

Create Your Own World - Ancient Stones

Create Your Own World - The Beauty Of A Simple Wooden Boat

Create Your Own WorldCreate Your Own World

Create Your Own World

Create Your Own World

Create Your Own World - Desert Tree

Create Your Own World - Well Winder

Create Your Own World - Ancient Pendant

Create Your Own World - Ancient Jewelry

Create Your Own World - A Delicate Arrowhead

Defining What Empire Means

The concept of Empire generally symbolises wealth, power and success. It also embodies a sense of the gaining of control over other powerful forces. There is often a larger than life figurehead associated with it. Someone who is at the helm. The charismatic person who steers the ship, and is instrumental in creating the brand identity, which is critical for spreading the message of global domination.

The figurehead of a corporation, or indeed of a dominating country, leads a public life and is constantly in the limelight. However, a shift in scale from macro to micro can have interesting results. At this smaller scale you can be the mastermind, moving around the building blocks of your life in order to create your own world.

Stealing Lessons So You Can Build An Empire For Yourself

It follows that you can start the above process by considering the corresponding rules of strategy, planning and devising. Create your own world by following the same principles used by successful leaders. You can even separate out different areas of your life, and consider them as separate mini-empires, connected by the fact that they are all part of your existence.

The truth is that powerful empire builders are, in some ways, no different to anyone else. They simply operate in an alternative field of reference to most people. A realm where there is more pressure, and more responsibility. They may fly from one country to another within the space of twenty-four hours for meetings, but you too travel and meet people. You also have tasks and appointments during a day, even if these tend to be based in a more local environment.

Create Your Own World: The Ongoing Process

In this respect, you are constantly building your own empire, whatever your endeavour may be. The decisions you make about what to do with your time are not random. There is a design involved. Like those high-profile people, everything you do is for some fulfilment of an ambition.

The Nature Of Ambitions

The ambitions between people are not even all that different, since they are those that have preoccupied mankind for all time. You want to have a roof over your head, put food on the table, take care of your family. The same triggers that drive normal people, are the ones that originally kick-started the empire builders. Maybe, in the end, the only difference is the level of awareness you have of what these are, and where your decisions are leading. Powerful people tend to be forward thinking, and aware of the result of every action. This is something the rest of us can learn from.

All photos taken by Ju Underwood at Dubai Museum, UAE