Relinquishing Control

Eerie light

orange industrial


fuzzy bluesubmarine green

ghost on window

green ghost

Being alive can be a complicated business. Plans are made and sometimes they come to fruition exactly as imagined, however, mostly, the path takes twists and turns that throw you off balance. We are often forced to stop in our tracks and recalibrate, and it can be a challenge to embrace all the new concepts, people and places life presents, and to feel the sand shifting under our feet, without becoming apprehensive.

People who are meant to be part of the past fade out gradually, which can be painful because the instinct is to hold on when you should really let go. New friends appear unexpectedly creating fresh forces and energy. The people who stay in your life for a long time can come as a surprise. Sometimes their lifestyle’s are so different to yours that it is hard to imagine you have anything in common. I have come to the conclusion that lifestyle is not the key factor in friendship, and in fact opposing ways of life can add fascination to the interaction. The most important element for sustainable connection is attitude: how you see the world and your place in it, the way you regard and treat others. This seems to be what creates the strongest bonds.

All photos by Yelizaveta Yudina. Taken at Museo Centrale Montemartini, Roma.

The Zebra met talented Russian photographer Yelizaveta Yudina (Liza), in Rome where she is currently living, and collaborated on a series of photographs on location in Museo Montemartini. The photoshoot was inspired by a mutual love of sci-fi and the 1927 film Metropolis by Fritz Lang. Liza is interested in finding other artists to collaborate with while she is in Italy.

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