Secret Of Success: Follow Things Through To The Conclusion

Opportunities that seem unmissable occasionally arise in your life, and sometimes you grab them just because they seem so wonderful. In cases like these, it’s only later on that you stop to think about what you have taken on. Nevertheless, it is important to follow things through to their conclusion. The truth is that going 90% of the way there is never enough, and the secret of success is to keep going.

Secret Of Success - We Are Mere Transients

Here lies our land: every airt

Beneath swift clouds, glad glints of sun,

Belonging to none but itself.

We are mere transients, who sing

Its westlin’ winds and fernie braes,

Northern lights and siller tides,

Small folk playing our part.

‘Come all ye’, the country says

You win me, who take me most to heart.

Here Lies Our Land by Kathleen Jamie

Secret Of Success - Bannockburn

Secret Of Success - The Bannockburn Monument

Secret Of Success - Bannockburn Timeline

Secret Of Success - Detail Of The Monument

Secret Of Success - Detail Of The Monument

Secret Of Success - Sir James Douglas Interactive Display       Secret Of Success - The Black Douglas Comes To Life

Secret Of Success - Detail Of The Monument

Secret Of Success - The Deadly Schiltron Formation

Secret Of Success - The Sweep Of The Monument

Secret Of Success - Robert The Bruce In The Distance

Secret Of Success - Bannockburn Interactive Display  Secret Of Success - The Bannockburn Monument

Secret Of Success - Robert The Bruce Presides

The Inspiration Of A New Venture

At the beginning of a new endeavour it is easy to invest your time and energy because everything is exciting and new. You find yourself riding on the wave of novelty, and are full of enthusiasm that carries you along. It’s continuing after that first impetus has died down, and when things get tricky, that is the difficult part.

Overcoming Obstacles: Development And Challenge

On the whole, as time progresses elements in a particular area of your life develop, and show their full complexity. The result is that you are required to exert yourself more and more in order to deal with these. Instead of being effortless, as they were in the beginning, situations become more intricate, and a surge of thought and activity is necessary.

It would be comforting to think that this requirement would ease off over time, but unfortunately that is not usually the case. In general as things build they become progressively more of a challenge, and increasing claims are made on your mental, emotional, and sometimes physical stamina. It is important to realise that these demands are what make the experience exciting, and will lead you to a result. The secret of success is to focus on the satisfaction of being a long term part of something, and to see it through to the conclusion.

The Addictive Pull Of Giving Up And Starting Something New

In fact, it is so much easier to give up and start something new. By doing this you will be going for the quick fix, tapping once again into that first flush of ideas that gives you energy and inspiration, rather than sticking to the slow burn of the long term. Starting new ventures can become a habit or even an addiction. The result of picking things up for a while, only to drop them when they become difficult. Some people live their lives like that. However, if you follow this route you are missing out and you will never get to grips with this particular secret of success.

Another issue is that sometimes people believe they have reached the end, but it is a false assumption. The magnetic pull of giving up and starting from scratch all over again is strong. That is to say it is a temptation thrown in your path. The truth is that the conclusion is not something you decide. Rather it makes itself know to you by a change of pace or direction.

Secret Of Success: Continue To Leap Over The Hurdles

The storylines of your life all have a beginning, a middle, and an natural end. It is important to bear in mind that the secret of success is to keep going, and not to opt out before the pieces fall into place. Sometimes towards the end everything seems to fall apart, only to come together beautifully at the last minute. If you disappear before that moment you will not just miss a little bit of the process, you will miss everything.

All photos taken by Ju Underwood at Bannockburn Visitor’s Centre, Scotland


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