Between Reason and Instinct





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Finding balance in your life can be a tricky thing to achieve. One of the key elements is knowing when to take action and pull back and wait. Sometimes there is a fine line between deciding which of the two is your policy for any give situation, and that line always seem to be in flux.

There is an element of trust involved in the process. We are all part of a bigger picture, so massive that it is impossible to grasp much of it except our own tiny corner. However, it is comforting to imagine that on an instinctive level, we should be able to uncover a more profound understanding of that larger matrix, and we can employ that part of ourselves when pure reasoning doesn’t seem to be working out.

You can often find your rational mind and your instinct in conflict. The more practical part of your being is weighing up the known facts, while the instinct is tapping into information on a subliminal level and at times the two do not match up. You have to try to even out the two sets of impulses, and make a choice about your next move based on them both.

Then you wait, for the consequences of whatever action, or inaction, you have taken. That can be the most difficult part because there is often no way of knowing how long it will take to see a result, sometimes seconds, and in other situations years.

While you are waiting it is essential to have faith in yourself and the power of your judgement. The world around us has its own rhythms. You have to respect the ebb and flow, and ultimately see where it carries you.

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