Cultivating Silence

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Silence is a beautiful state of emptiness, which, in removing audio information from the environment, allows space for deeper thought and contemplation. It is a condition considered to be special, and sought after by many, not least because it is impossible to achieve in our physical, real world that pulses with life even in stillness.

If we were to be on the top of a mountain, on a blanketed, snow-covered winter’s day the sounds of nature would disrupt and break through. However having, a few years ago, spent a disturbing 5 minutes in an anechoic chamber, which is designed to be insulated against and to absorb sound, I have a feeling that true silence would be an inhuman, claustrophobic experience, whereby the atmosphere would close in on us without the audio cues that allow us to sense spatial dimensions.

I believe though that a kind of perfect spiritual silence can be achieved via meditation. We can be with the sounds of the world but distance ourselves from them so that they no longer intrude on absolute concentration. We can focus on shutting out the stimulation of the world outside our head, then one by one close down our thoughts and mental chatter until there is nothing left except silence and a pure, unadulterated sense of peace.

Ripped Jeans Zara

Cami Top H&M

Sandals SixtySeven

Bracelet Silver, from India

All photographs taken at the Tuve Hotel, Hong Kong



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