Economy of Words

Zara crop 3

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Cos bracelet 1Cos crop_2       Cos Detail 1

I am a great appreciator of the axiom less is more, but find it hard to achieve. One of my friends, who is a brilliant and talented artist, manages to speak volumes by using very few words and I’m in awe of his skill with minimal forms of communication.

When I have something to say I tend to ramble on, providing unnecessary background information and details. This is an exhausting process for myself and for the recipient, so I’ve been attempting to analyse the difference in approach between my friend and I.

I would like to learn to choose my words more mindfully and make my point with less input involved.

Tops from top to bottom: Zara, SuperDry, Cos

Jeans Zara

Bracelet Cos

Necklace H&M

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