The Danger of Control










How much control is it necessary to exert over your daily life? Guidelines on how to be a perfectly disciplined, well balanced person seem to be everywhere at the moment. It’s easy, and also highly addictive, to read blogs, or watch videos on how a minimalism approach can make your life less cluttered, and therefore easier to deal with. It’s all very compelling and those super-organised people with diaries and agendas, who stick to their weekly and monthly plans, seem so productive.

The ideas available on this subject appear so accessible. If you throw away a percentage of your possessions, and keep your behaviour and ideas within certain limits, all should be achievable. However, when I try to apply them to my own life something invariably seems to sabotage my plans and throw them off balance. Quite often I do this myself, overcome by a strange desire not to follow the schedule I have laid out.

Perhaps it is in my nature to rebel against any kind of authority, even my own, or maybe I just like testing the limits of any system. Whatever the reason, everything generally ends up in pieces, and I am left feeling guilty, and with a sense of personal inadequacy.

Having gone though this process many times in my life, I have come to the conclusion that for some people rules are made to be broken, however hard you try not to, so it is best not to make them in the first place. Therefore instead of trying to give my world too much structure, these days I make do with a set of principles and a list of tasks to follow. As long as I bear these essential in mind and keep aiming to achieve them, in however haphazard a way, it never turns out to be too much of a disaster. Everything gets done, though not always in the order I imagined.

This more relaxed method is not completely lacking a system. I note down my definite appointments for the week, and the other activities flow around these fixtures organically. Somehow, this way, I avoid my innate propensity towards personal vandalism, and it all seems to work out.

Vest top and bag, Temporary Outlet, Rome

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All photos taken by Ju Underwood at SoprArno Suites, Florence

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