The Light in Autumn









walking-past-trainAs summer draws to a close we are given the impression of entering a pensive phase of the year. The nights gradually extend, and twilight encroaches little by little into the day. Daylight changes intensity, and long, languid shadows are cast against the oblique angles of the soft rays of the October sun. The ambience seems soothing and healing.

In accord with this period of transformation in the natural environment, it seems like a ideal time to make changes in your life, and to slow down your thought processes from the frenetic speed at which they are activated during the high season. Somehow, there seems more time available for this sort of activity in autumn, and you can use it to draw conclusions about issues that may have been hovering in the background, on hold for a while without resolution, and to move on without carrying regrets, doubts or negativity. As the natural world sheds its leaves and regenerates, it seems appropriate for you do the same.

This season seems like a nurturing time, an in-between time, perfect for renewal and repair, when you can allow yourself the luxury of introspection, without feeling guilty about focusing only on yourself for a while. You can let any thoughts that have built up over the year flow over you, without trying to direct them, allowing your mind free rein to untangle them, and create an order that makes sense.

Before the icy winter winds arrive snapping your attention outwards again, it’s productive and positive to use the intermediate days to find closure on troublesome events and clear your mind of dark patches. There’s something gentle about the mellow atmosphere of the receding brightness that makes it a perfect backdrop for this purpose. For drawing lines in the sand to cross, never looking back.

All photos taken by Ju Underwood at Parco Museo Ferroviario, Roma, Porta San Paolo

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