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Maxxi Needle

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The human brain is a bewildering entity. The twists and turns of its machinery are a mystery and unexpected leaps of thought sometimes occur, which seem to have no rationale, logic, or even impetus. It is very odd that we do not seem to know our own inner workings very well. Even though ours is the mind we live with every day of our lives, it seem easier somehow to understand other people’s thought processes than our own.

A recurring incident I have noticed, is how a small, throwaway comment made by a friend, someone you trust, can implant a suggestion in your mind, causing a whole train of though to come crashing through, and sending the whole structure of your thinking into disarray.

This usually has fairly disastrous results, as you veer off course for a period of time. Though gradually you will recover, there are still collateral wounds in the form of time wastage and temporary loss of peace of mind.

Since they tend to come out of nowhere and catch you by surprise it seem unlikely that it is possible to avoid these occurrences completely so it’s preferable to find ways to close down the magnitude of these events as quickly as possible, for the sake of damage limitation.

Advice from well intentioned friends is always welcome and valuable, but you have to consider that they usually only understand a tiny part of the story, and are missing the layers of data that connect up the information, past and present. When you step back and examine this position it becomes clear that the only opinion that matters is your own, and you have to be strong enough to have the courage of your own convictions.

Skirt and cami-top Temporary Outlet, Rome

Shoes Abramey on Etsy

Necklace and earrings OVS

Photographs taken by Yelizaveta Yudina at Maxxi, Rome

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