The Art Of Being Alone: Being Your Own Best Friend

It seems that there are people who find it difficult to be by themselves. People who feel awkward with their own company, and unable to relax. However, being able to be happy on your own is a valuable skill. Spending time with yourself allows you to get to know your strengths and weaknesses. It also lets you learn how to make yourself happy, no matter what the circumstances. The art of being alone is the skill of being able to orchestrate your life to suit your needs. If you can first do this by yourself, you will have built a strong foundation for a life to include other people later on.

The Art Of Being Alone - Endless Desert

The Art Of Being Alone - Dune Ridge

The Art Of Being Alone - Playful Child

The Art Of Being Alone - Silhouettes On The Ridge

The Art Of Being Alone - You Should Be Here

The Art Of Being Alone - Sunset In The Middle Of Nowhere

Getting To Know Yourself On A Deeper Level

Spending time alone with your thoughts, is an essential part of getting to know yourself on a deeper level. It is not a coincidence that people who practice meditation often retreat to places where they can be by themselves. There are layers of your character that can only be encountered without the distraction of others. These are parts of yourself that you may be unaware of on a daily basis. However, though hidden from view, they exist and can surface at any time. It helps to have encountered them in a private environment before they emerge in your everyday life.

When you are with yourself only, you are forced to think deeply and evaluate you stance on the world. You can contemplate your ideas, hopes, dreams as well as your disappointments and failures. Through this process you learn to respect your own opinion without the filter of someone else’s reactions.

Unexpected Thoughts Surface

However you have to consider that demons will surface when you have been on your own for a certain period. Alone, with only yourself for company, you will naturally start to introspect. Through this process, thoughts may arise that you were not quite prepared for. Sometimes your reactions to situations take you by surprise. Being alone allows you to think about issues that crop up in your mind, unravel the background to these, and gain a deeper understanding of what they are. If your thoughts are misguided, or coming from a point of jealousy or some other negative attitude, you have the opportunity to work through them and shift your approach. This is preparatory work for facing these if they occur in your day to day life.

Mastering The Art Of Being Alone

It is also beneficial for you to spend time getting to know yourself better, because you never know when you will find yourself alone, or for how long. Unexpected things happen in life. Learning to enjoy your own company no matter what the circumstances are, is truly the art of being alone. It is a beautiful thing to be able to love yourself, and be your own best friend, even at times when you are faced with people who don’t appreciate you. If you approach your life from that powerful position you will always be able to rise above whatever happens.

All photos taken by Ju Underwood in Dubai