Inspiration Is Everywhere: Finding Creative Resonance in Unexpected Places

Most of the time we live inside the busy little bubbles of our lives. However, if you stop and look outside for a moment, you realise that the world has much more to offer. Creative resonance is everywhere. Interesting, provocative, and beautiful elements are all around you.

Creative Resonance - Fabric Hanging

Creative Resonance - Repeating Cutout

Inspiration Is Everywhere - Sticks and Boards Overlap

Inspiration Is Everywhere - Spindles

Inspiration Is Everywhere - Dividing Lines

Inspiration Is Everywhere - Layered Structure

Inspiration Is Everywhere - Sails On High

Inspiration Is Everywhere - Boxed

Inside and Outside The Bubble

It’s quite easy to go through your days without noticing much about your surroundings. You are most likely a busy person. Your mind is probably filled with thoughts of tasks to be completed, and deadlines, and anything external to these immediate concerns seem extraneous. The world outside your personal affairs seems to be a distraction. It sometimes feels as if you can only be successful if you are completely focused on the work in hand. The result of this can be that you ruthless cut out anything that you think doesn’t contribute to that aim.

However, the environment beyond your immediate concerns is more useful that you think. The world you see, feel, hear and touch provides valuable ideas. Removing yourself from it is the equivalent of working in a vacuum. There is a wave of inspiration to be gained from absorbing the energy of random elements. You can find creative resonance in unexpected places. Therefore, if you open yourself up to cues from what is around you, and then apply your intuition to help you select what is valuable, new ideas can evolve.

Balancing Focus With The Ability To Embrace The Unknown

Advocating tapping into your surroundings is not to say that you should relinquish focus. Concentration is an essential part of the ability to get things done. But, maybe it is possible to loosen your grip a little bit, and try being a little more relaxed from time to time. Not every task has to be approached with the same intensity. Some of your activities probably do not require every part of your mind to be active all of the time.

If this is true, it means that there is still some available brain capacity for more fluid thought processes. Inspiration is everywhere, not just found in a limited sphere of perception, so any moment you are able to open yourself up to more has potential.

The Value of The Collective Conscious

If you are too rigid with what you choose to acknowledge, you will miss the opportunity to be truly creative with your life. Undoubtedly you will reach you goal more quickly. Unfortunately, it will be at the expense of tapping into the flow of the collective conscious, which is a fascinating, and thought-provoking, entity. Also, if you consider that we humans are all part of the same thing, the collective conscious is what human life is really about. It is limitless and, as such, anything is possible within it.

Creative Resonance: Allowing Dualilty

Cultivating appreciation for external stimulation often involves retraining your mind to be more open. However, being focused, and allowing outside influences, need not be mutually exclusive activities. A lot of the time we imagine that we have to make definitive choices about how to approach our lives, but often we can allow a duality. It is possible for two or more functions to take place simultaneously, without diluting each other. We can concentrate on a particular aim, and at the same time allow external forces to drift in and out of our consciousness. In this way we can be effective at achieving results in what we set out to do, but we can also embrace anything outside that the world has to offer.

All photos taken by Ju Underwood at Dubai Marina, UAE