Taking Time Out: The Reasons Why It Is Important

Have you ever found yourself struggling to fulfil your schedule? Have you spent days furiously rushing, found you have run out of hours, and ended up slumping into bed? Modern life is fast paced, and because of this, taking time out is regarded as an indulgence. However, incorporating space for ourselves into our lives is essential for our well-being and progress.

Taking Time Out - Frozen Field

Taking Time Out - Avenue of Dreams

Taking Time Out - Behind Twigs

Taking Time Out - Pony Field

Taking Time Out - Patterns Behind Frost

Taking Time Out - Winter Strips

Taking Time Out - Found Art in the Country

Taking Time Out - In the Winter Greenhouse

Taking Time Out - Ramshackle Greenhouse

Taking Time Out - Red Berries

Taking Time Out - Winter Calm

The Will to Achieve

Modern people have a tendency to want to be moving most of the time. We veer from one activity to another, trying to adhere to our notion of what a worthwhile person should be. Not only are we expected to be insanely productive, but we are confronted with a barrage of information to absorb. As well as that, we are supposed to keep constantly connected to other people via social media. Connectivity is pitched as being a magical tool, that has the power to help us juggle pressures and expectations. At times however, it seems to make the load even greater by taking up precious hours of our time. Too much connection to things outside yourself can become a burden.

The Fragility of The Balance

As we run to catch up with our schedule, it sometimes seems as if everything has become a hectic routine. Some people are very good at carrying out one thing at a time, and handling it all in a balanced way, but that still mostly does not leave any breathing space. There is a balance to be struck between what you hope to achieve, and what is in fact possible. Unfortunately, even the most experienced people are quite bad at predicting and programming. This is probably due to the fact that there are so many factors involved. Mood, energy levels, and number of distractions, all have an influence, and are fairly unknown quantities in anybody’s life.

Reassessment and Recalibration

If we have gone through a prolonged period of this kind of stress it inevitably leads to us becoming a bit disillusioned with our lives. It can manifest itself as a sense of rising panic. We may be able to control this for the sake of damage limitation, but, still, it will be there bubbling below the surface. The effects of this can be subtly damaging to our psychological health.  Tiredness, headaches, lack of motivation, a feeling that we are just doing things automatically, are all signs of an exhausted system. When this happens, some sort of reassessment is necessary, and this often requires taking time out in order to recalibrate.

The Paradox Involved In Taking Time Out

However, taking time out is not easy for most people, since it’s difficult to break a routine. We fear that if we let go of the threads for a moment, the result will be that everything will fall apart. If we give the situation a little more thought though, we realise that stepping away from our life for a short time gives us perspective, and therefore, the chance to see it more clearly. Sometimes just a day, or a few hours are necessary. We have to allow ourselves a break, and simultaneously create some essential thinking time. Every so often we require a space, a moment, an opportunity to clear our heads. This can simply be a time for recharging our energy, sometimes that is all that is necessary. It can also become chance to reflect on what we are doing, and how and why we are doing it.

All photos taken by Ju Underwood at the Roman Camp Hotel, Callander, Scotland

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