Carving Out Space in Hong Kong

HK Night Skyline

Conference Centre HK

Peak View 1

Walker Across Light Screen

Word Fascination 1

Park 1

Park 2_crop
Park at Night

10000 buddhas 1

10000 buddhas 2


From time to time, especially if you are someone who travels, you come across an environment that seems humanly impossible. A place where there are too many people everywhere, and unbearable levels of noise and traffic;  2 legs, 4 wheels and other variations. Everyone seems to have a sense of purpose and a destination, and as a new arrival it is overwhelming.

There are strategies to employ for dealing with the confusion this sort of experience creates. The first is to go with the flow, allow yourself to be swept along and trust your instinct. Don’t attempt to force an understanding or to impose your own rules. If you relax, gradually you will start to see patterns emerging, which will make sense out of all the activity. All it takes is time and a little bit of patience.

The second strategy is to carve out your personal space psychologically, and own it completely. It’s hard to explain how to do this because it is more of a feeling than an actual technique. The process is one of magnifying yourself in your own mind. To achieve this you must enhance your perception of your size, stature and presence, in order to radiate out to a larger area than you usually do,  and use this new image of self to stride out with purpose and a sense of authority in your heart.

Even if you are crowded in on all sides by other people, you can still work to intensify your sense of self. It’s a valuable mind game because in this way you can be on the most busy street in the world and still feel as if you belong there.

Ripped Jeans Zara

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Sandals SixtySeven

The Zebra flew to Hong Kong with Emirates and stayed at The Holiday Inn Soho, and The Tuve

Photos from top: Hong Kong Island skyline, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, view from The Peak, bamboo light, word fascination at Pak Tsz Lane Park, Pak Tsz Lane Park, Pak Tsz Lane Park, Pak Tsz Lane Park at night, Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Holiday Inn Soho

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