Detox Your Life: Shedding Off Surplus Elements

Information about detoxing your body is easy to find online or in books. It seems you can reap great benefits from this practice. The aim is for you to have a lighter, healthier body, and more energy. Imagine applying the same principles to other aspects of your existence. In this way you should be able to detox your life as well. That is to say to shed off elements in your life that are not serving any positive purpose. You will then be free to fill the space you make with better ideas and actions.

Detox Your Life - An Alien Light

Detox Your Life - Across the Passage

Detox Your Life - Telescopic Light

Detox Your Life - The Soaring Towers

Detox Your Life - Down The Endless Passage

Detox Your Life - Glimpse of The Great Hall

Detox Your Life - The Transparency of Massive Stones

Detox Your Life - Unfolding Portals

Detox Your Life - Down The Chimney Stacks

Detox Your Life - Pastoral View

Clearing Out Redundant Ideas

In order to detox your life, start by clearing out any redundant ideas you have about yourself. You are constantly changing, so it doesn’t pay to hold onto too rigid a concept of who you are. If you can create a basic structure of principles about how you want to live your life, the rest can modify according to the situation. To do this you have to shift your focus from the elements in your life that are in flux. Fix your sights on the core essentials, and you will find that you are left with a basic framework. This will simplify your decisions about what you do with your time, where you go, and who you go with. Once you have identified this basic essence of who you are, you can focus on making it strong. This core is the spine, which everything else in your life relies on.

Assessing Habits That Accumulate

Once you have established the core important principles of the your life, it will become more obvious how to carry the same process through into other areas. You can start to examine your daily habits, and decide whether they are worth continuing with or not.

Habits are routine ways of living that you repeat over and over without thinking. The actions you are accustomed to may not contribute to your life in a positive way. In order to detox your life, you have to start with a period of reflection. This is so you can weed out the things you are doing that are counter productive or even harmful, and change your approach. Sometimes the best policy is to just cut out that activity, person, or thing altogether. Clear the decks to make way for a new method of doing things.

Following on from this, you can apply the same idea to your environment, your friends, or any other area of your life. Ask yourself what is important, and what you need in order to be fulfilled and happy. Focus your attention on that and the rest can come and go.

Continuing to Detox Your Life As A Way Of Life

Being human you naturally create clutter in your mind and in your life. Unless you lead a very disciplined, minimalist life complications build up over time. The life detox is one you should repeat periodically, just to check on where you stand with everything. Keep in mind that clearing out the negative elements from your life every so often will leave space and time for more enriching pastimes.

All photos taken by Ju Underwood at Linlithgow Palace, Scotland