Inner Sanctum: The Hidden Fortress of Your Mind

Inner Sanctum - Wooden Soldiers

There is an inner sanctum inside your mind that only you know about, and that is impossible to reveal. No matter how much you share about yourself with others, there always remains an impenetrable space that is private. This encompasses both the conscious and subconscious parts of yourself. There are hidden spaces you are conscious of, but choose not to impart. However, there are also realms that are indecipherable, where thought processes are carried out in a more abstract way.

Inner Sanctum - Robert The Bruce

Inner Sanctum - Stirling Castle

Inner Sanctum - Stirling Castle

Inner Sanctum - Through the Arrowslit

Inner Sanctum - Courtyard

Inner Sanctum - Romantic Wooden Staircase

Inner Sanctum - Trees Sihouetted

Inner Sanctum - Wooden Soldiers and Horses

Inner Sanctum - Mysterious Passage

Inner Sanctum - Up On The Battlements

The Illusion of Recognising The Inner Sanctum

If you have spent a lot of time with someone, you begin to feel as if you know them well. For this reason, you can sometimes even imagine that you can predict how they will feel about a particular issue. However, the truth is that everyone has an inner sanctum of their psyche that they don’t, or can’t, share. In other words, even a person you think you know well has secrets, and likewise, you do yourself.

Your Personal Mind Space

You need to have a space in your head in order to provide a venue for the relationship you have with yourself. That is to say, you require a forum for the dialogue that is carried out between your conscious thought processes, and your instinct, or subconscious. In order to feel secure, you need to know that there is an inner sanctum in your mind that is sacred, untouchable, for your eyes only. This area is kept out of sight so that your private, intuitive conversations with yourself can reach a conclusion without the interruption or interference of other people.

The private rooms of the inner sanctum are special, since they are a natural part of who you are. Therefore, you don’t have to feel guilty about not revealing them. Not opening them up just means that you are careful, and intelligent, about what you tell, and when.

The Conscious and Subconscious

In reality it is probably fairly impossible to give access to some those private domains anyway. This is especially true with the activities of your mind on a subconscious level. The abstract thoughts that reside there don’t usually organise themselves into coherent sentences. Instead, they are usually are a collage of images, phrases, feelings and ideas that can’t be translated into anything deliverable. In effect, they make up your own personal inner language.

Everyone has these secret domains, but not everyone is aware of them or tapped into them in to any conscious degree. If you are a contemplative type of person, you are consequently more likely to have an impression of what goes on in those shadowy realms of your mind. As a result, you should have a better idea than most about the workings of your internal dialogue.

 All photos taken by Ju Underwood at Stirling Castle, Scotland

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