Phoenix Rising Out Of The Ashes

Massive destruction can sometimes hit your life unexpectedly. That is to say, a lot of projects you have been working on come tumbling down one after another. For some strange reason these events don’t seem to happen in isolation. For example first a relationship ends badly, then you have trouble at work, and on top of this you have a bust up with a family member. Maybe that’s because all of these were connected in some, not easily discernible, way. However, even if it seems you are at a low ebb, when you find yourself in this type of situation it is an opportunity for reinvention. In other words, you can become a phoenix rising out of the ashes of your troubles.

Phoenix Rising Out Of The Ashes - Clashing Blocks

Phoenix Rising Out Of The Ashes - Man-made Forest Approach

Phoenix Rising Out Of The Ashes - The Drama of The Entrance

Phoenix Rising Out Of The Ashes - The Answers Are In The Hills

Phoenix Rising Out Of The Ashes - A Scottish Spaceship

Phoenix Rising Out Of The Ashes - A Scottish Spaceship

Phoenix Rising Out Of The Ashes - Amber Glow

Phoenix Rising Out Of The Ashes - Abstract Forms

Phoenix Rising Out Of The Ashes - Stories On The Wall

Phoenix Rising Out Of The Ashes - Details

Who possesses this landscape? 

The man who bought it or I who am possessed by it?

False questions for this landscape is masterless

And intractable in any terms that are human

From A Man In Assynt by Norman MacCaig

What Happens When You Are On Completely The Wrong Track

Maybe the reason that everything happens all at the same time is that, if you are really on the wrong track with your life, a short sharp shock is a more productive way to change your direction than a slow painful exit. First the explosion hits you, then there’s silence. You sense a space in your life that was formerly filled with activity, and if you stop to reflect, you will find that it is very peaceful and quiet.

The Romance of the Disintegration

In fact there’s something quite therapeutic about this dramatic disintegration. It is a romantic concept in a way, like a storyline from a movie. There’s also an inevitability about it that seems to put an unbalanced world back into harmony again. If you were observing it happening in someone else’s life you would say it was because they were with unsuitable people, in the wrong place, and maybe the timing was out as well.

When that is the case, it doesn’t matter how clear you are about your ideas. It makes no difference how hard you work or how talented you are. If you are in the wrong situation to flourish, generally speaking the foundation to allow that to happen will not be solid. You can build things up for a while but eventually the foundations made of flimsy materials supporting your life will crash and burn, and you will be left standing in the centre of the charred remains. At this point you will start to think about how you will exit from out of the ashes.

Why You Are Not Back At Square One

It is important to realise though, that the entire endeavour has not been for nothing. Every time you try something and it gets burned to the ground, all of a sudden it seems as if you find yourself back at the beginning again. However that’s not really the case. After all, you will have learned valuable lessons from all the things that didn’t work out.

Phoenix Rising Out Of The Ashes: Positive Plans

In the end you can pick yourself up out of the ashes of your current situation. Beyond that you can dust yourself down, and you can move on to something new and better. Casting yourself in the role of the phoenix rising is an opportunity to come up with a new plan. As a result, you can formulate a better concept that will bring you closer to what you want to achieve. Every new plan is inspiring, thus endowing you with renewed vigour and enthusiasm for the future. On balance you can see that the remnants of your former life are not just the end of an era, but are in fact the start of a new way forward.

All photos taken by Ju Underwood at The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh by Enric Miralles

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