Recharge and Retreat in Rome


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Being a nomadic citizen of the world is mostly thrilling and challenging. It’s a constant adventure to travel somewhere new and have to create a sense of yourself in an unfamiliar environment. However sometimes you find yourself very far outside your comfort zone, or simply tired or jet lagged with you energy reserves run down to almost zero, and that’s when you struggle to cope. At times like these it is a good idea to take yourself out of the game temporarily, so you can rest and gather strength.

Usually I am fairly disciplined with my budget but at times like these it feels like a good idea to treat myself to a bit of luxury. When I found myself hitting a wall, inspiration wise, after a long and exhausting journey to Rome, I decided to retreat for a few days to The Corner Townhouse Hotel, located on the wide thoroughfare of the Viale Aventino, which skirts past the Circo Massimo with the stunning ruins of the Palatine Hill as a backdrop.

Design wise the hotel is a contemporary version of traditional Italian style. It felt urban and cool, but at the same time friendly and with a sense of Roman context. To my delight they also had a very pretty terrace bar there, where the waiters dispensed imaginative cocktails and snacks. It was a perfect location for a little bit of self-pampering.

Staying there in my huge comfortable room was a sumptuous experience, complete with surprisingly hi-tech details. The room systems were operated via an iPad and the TV was hidden inside a mirror, only revealing itself when switched on. Being something of a TV-phobic I really appreciated this.

After a night of luxury at The Corner Townhouse I felt recharged and ready to face the world again.

The Zebra stayed at The Corner Townhouse, Rome

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