Remembering Past Lives: The Connectivity of Experiences

Have you ever had the sensation of going somewhere new, and having the impression you have been there before? It often feels as if you are remembering past lives, forgotten memories buried deep in your subconscious. However, it is more likely to be the very real phenomenon that somewhere has so many of the attributes of another place, that the atmosphere is almost a carbon copy. In this way, your person to place relationship has happened before, just in an alternative location.

Remembering Past Lives - The Declaration of Arbroath

Remembering Past Lives - Amber Glow

Remembering Past Lives - Modern Fortress

Remembering Past Lives - Arrowslit

Remembering Past Lives - Abstract Furniture

Remembering Past Lives - Converging Levels

Remembering Past Lives - Old, New & Glimpsing Outside

Remembering Past Lives - Roof Terrace

Remembering Past Lives - Peeping Out To The City

Remembering Past Lives - Wedge And Drum

You Have Been Here Before

One of the reasons for this sensation that you are remembering past lives, is that history constantly reinvents itself. In fact, there are really no new ideas. Human beings are unable to create something completely unique, because everything has happened before. Other people, different materials, an alternative location will have been involved, but the essential format will have been almost the same. On the whole, we are referential creatures by nature. That is to say, we are influenced by sights, sounds, experiences, whether we realise it, and acknowledge it, or not.

Therefore, history repeats itself in the sense of the real material world, and also in the realm of human behaviour. Our existence is made up of limited cycles of parts. In the lifetime of each person the cycles complete, and start over again, many times.

One outcome of this, is that sometimes you walk into a place you have never been before, and have a sense of recognition. This can be comforting or not, depending on your history. This uncanny connection happens as the result of both subconscious, and conscious influences.

The Past Lives Of The Physical World

These influences also exert themselves on the people who fashion your surroundings. Designers and creators from all disciplines study the past. They do this in order to gain inspiration for how to shape the world in the best possible way. Specifically, selecting processes that have been successful, and modifying or rejecting those that have not. Therefore, any idea has references to past history imbedded in it, even if the manifestation takes a different form. These are sometimes quite well hidden, but once someone has seen something it is impossible to unlearn it.

Remembering Past Lives: Feeling You Have Already Met Someone

Furthermore, the same phenomenon can occur with human contact as well. Sometimes you meet someone and feel an instant familiarity. This is because the person has character traits, or physical similarities, to someone from your past. However, it is a tricky experience to assimilate. When this happens you should weight up your previous experience against this new one. Then you can forecast whether or not the association is likely to be positive or negative.

If the connection is purely related to physical appearance, then the outcome of the relationship will be more or less unknown. Since how well you get along with a person is not usually determined by the way they look. However, if the person reveals character attributes of someone damaging from your past, it is time to exert caution in your approach.

Either way, identifying the connection between past and present provides valuable insight, which can help guide your decision making.

All photos taken by Ju Underwood at the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh


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