The Effects of Rain

If you are caught in a storm, it can turn out to be a purifying and meditative experience. If you embrace the effects of rain, as a result you can gain some unexpected privacy for self-reflection, or just a peaceful moment.

Effects of Rain - Mural at Villa d'esmeEffects of Rain - Mural at Villa d'Este

Effects of Rain - View from terrace at Villa d'Este

Effects of Rain - Mystic Skies at Villa d'Este

Effects of Rain - Dancing Fountains at Villa d'Este

Effects of Rain - Colours in rain at Villa d'Este

Effects of Rain - Dark Reflections at Villa d'Este

Effects of Rain - Installation at Villa d'Este   Effects of Rain - 4 horses at Villa d'Este

Effects of Rain - horses at Villa d'Este

Effects of Rain - Villa d'Este

Effects of Rain - Tiles in rain at Villa d'Este

Being Cut Off From The Rest Of The World

There’s an unusual phenomenon that occurs when you get caught in a downpour. You quickly put your hood up, or open your umbrella, and by in effect creating a barrier, you are in your own little bubble. You become removed from the world around you, as you look out at it through the screen of water.

Altered States Of Being

It’s strange how quickly your state becomes altered by being out in the rain. The environment is transformed, and it turns into something much smaller and more intimate. Your relationship with it shifts, and as a result, so does your contact with the other people in it. If you are out walking in the park on a fine day, the sun casts its rays like a dome over everyone at once, and you become part of a collective of all who are sharing this experience.

Being in the rain has the opposite effect on you. You find that other people are obscured. The sound of voices around you becomes muted, and because of this, everything except your immediate personal space feels remote. Your brain quickly assimilates the sense of isolation that is created by being cut off by sheets of water, the edges of the umbrella, and the accompanying reduction in connection, and, therefore, it comes as a surprise if you are with a friend and they suddenly speak to you.

The Effects of Rain – Embracing The Purification Process

The sensation you get from this experience can be wonderful. It’s a time when you can give your brain a rest from the usual levels of sensory stimulation, and take a moment for yourself. It is meditative to listen to the sounds of nature cleansing the earth, and nurturing the plants. You can imagine that it is doing the same to you.

All photos taken by Ju Underwood at Villa d’Este, Tivoli